lilia sodré

lilia sodre is an Architect and Urban Designer with experience in Brazil and practice as a designer in New York and Asia-Pacific Region. Her professional career commenced in Sao Paulo as a space planner for corporate projects. In New York, from 2003 to 2007, explored all aspects of the industry for mixed-use buildings from design conception, expediting through construction. In 2007, joined a corporate team in Hong Kong as a conceptual and strategic designer throughout Asia Pacific Region. In 2011, returned to Rio de Janeiro to pursue her Master’s Degree in 'sensibilisation' of design where worked on urban design projects for low-income settlements. Since 2014 has been working on the design of several base buildings, interior design projects, constructions and renovations in New York City.


+   project management
+   urban design
+   master planning
+   strategic design
+   concept design
+   interiors
+   products

+   sustainability


+   principal - designer @ llll lilia sodre arquitetura, Rio de Janeiro/New York, 2013-2019
+   project designer @ oda architecture, New York, 2015
+   associate - urban designer @ insite arquitetos, Rio de Janeiro, 2011-2013
+   concept designer @ mmoser associates , Hong Kong, 2011-2012
+   urban designer @ mpu - jorge mario jáuregui, Rio de Janeiro, 2010
+   space planner consultant @ aw athié wohnrath, Rio de Janeiro, 2010
+   strategic designer @ mmoser associates, New York & Hong Kong, 2007-2009
+   project designer @ robert scarano architect, New York, 2003-2007 
+   space planner @ aw athié wohnrath, São Paulo, 1999-2003 


lilia sodré has a diploma in architecture from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, 1989) and master degree in architecture and urban design from the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF, 2012).

+   internship exchange @ Columbia University, New York, 2011
+   monitoring @ UFF, Niteroi, 2011 : Monitoring – Theory of Architecture History
+   teaching @ UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, 1997-1999 : Architecture Form studies 1 and 2


+   Morar Carioca Program: concepts and practice for re-urbanization, Rio de Janeiro, 2010

+   Design Award - SARA NY: 354 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn , New York, 2005

+   Rio Cidade 2 Competition: proposals for the urban revitalization, Grajaú, Rio de Janeiro, 1997
+   Ópera Prima Award: project Praça 11, urban revitalization, Rio de Janeiro, 1989